Tell me no lies by Lisa Hall

Tell Me No Lies by Lisa Hall has been described as a breathlessly fast-paced and cleverly unsettling thriller, it’s all about a couplewho are trying to escape from the not-so-good past. Reviewers warn you that if you start reading it,you won’t want to put it down, you’ll go on and one and you might find yourself reading the whole three hundred and eighty four pages, all nonstop. It’s a book that another reviewer describes as an uneasy creeper, saying that is what she felt after reading the book in an incredible one sitting. You are also warned that you may develop a paranoia where you may not trust anyone after this, Lisa has tried to combine suspense, humor, and romance, all in one package to result in a contemporary romance thriller that will leave you at the edge of your seat, waiting for more and luckily she has written other thrillers.
Lisa Hall’s mystery book is unnerving, it’s gripping and a piece that you can never forget, also you’ll never trust anyone, something which can be a good and a bad thing all at the same time. Lisa has a thing with the love words, she makes you love everything about her books, from the character, to the drama, suspense and climax, and she combines several styles of writing to give a masterpiece which is unrivalled. Her dream to become a writer has come true, she finally proved herself in penning one of the greatest stories of our time. You’ll like her way of telling stories, she’s good at it and one cannot wait for the next book in her line.
The story is about Steph, Mark and their son Henry, they have moved into a new house and as always one expects some drama as they get a fresh start after a not-so-pleasant past. One hopes that all will be well in a new setting. Steph is a freelancer and does not have regular friends. She is away from home for most of the time leaving Mark to care for their house and son. As you read it,you’ll be getting bits of what has gone wrong with their life but the details will take longer to emerge. This is a style that Lisa has used to entice the readers, keeping them turning pages and looking forward to more. The reader will discover that Steph had a rather rough upbringing and a history of bad adult relationships as well. She seems to be coping quite well with these challenges but all of a sudden strange and mysterious things start to happen, she cannot even trust herself, and she thinks that somebody is playing tricks with her mind.
Lisa Hall tells her story in a way that you’ll relate to, you’ll sympathize with the characters, sometimes hate them and other develop strong feelings towards them. You’ll be wavering between love, hate and sympathy. It’s a book that you’ll be compelled to take sides, and I’m telling you it will not be easy.
The story is captivating; it will leave you asking for more. It’s a book that any mystery reader will like from the first sentence.

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