Deception, fixer series by Alyson Raynes

If you like reading contemporary romance thrillers, you’ll find Alyson Raynes’ mystery book interesting. The book is titled Deception – the Fixer series book 1 is fast-paced with an excellent story line. You’ll find yourself at times stopping to think and relating the story to some real life situations.

Alyson tells of a thrilling romance story of Brook, a middle-aged woman who is taking her first steps in her profession. She had been in a relationship with her husband, a lawyer. The relationship had lasted eleven years. As time went by Brook found out that the whole thing was a deception, it was not what it looked like. The reader will find out how Brook found out that the relationship was a fraud. The deceptive made Brook very angry, and although she is presented as a mature lady, there are so many things that point to her lacking some aspects a woman her age would present.

Her love, Dylan, was a mysterious man, but as I had said before, you’ll have to read the story to learn why he’s described as such. However there are some characteristics that he exhibits that make him likeable. He brings a sexual tension and some thrilling episodes that leave the reader fascinated. He is such a strong and protective man, some might describe him as romantic, a man whom every girl would die for. Despite these positive characteristics, there is much about him that some may find unpleasant but, as Alyson writes, these are the lines that make the story juicy. It would not have met the criteria of a romance thriller if these episodes were not included in Deception; they bring out the theme so easily that the reader gets the story line easily.

Deception is the kind of thriller that will make you flip along the pages as you anticipate what will happen next, the suspense makes the reader read the book quickly in order to put all the pieces of the story together. We warn you that once you open the first page, you may not stop reading, you’ll want to go on and on, until the last page. You’ll be completely immersed in the story, your mind will keep on questioning and wondering what’s next and I am sure youwon’t want to stop, you’ll want to go all the way and discover for yourself.

The book isn’t the kind where two people meet and end with the couple having some steamy episodes, it’s more than that, there is a third character, a really bad one, he appears in the shadows and his intentions are not good, he has to be stopped. Deception comes with characters who are not easily predictable, that is the beauty of the story. The characters will be loved and hated in equal measure, they just aren’t what they appear, and there is more than meets the eyes. Readers will find the story line deep, it’s full of inner turmoil, external forces, strange things, secrecy and intense sexual pleasure that may throw you off. These scenes make it an adult thriller. It’s highly recommended for those who are interested in romance thrillers, the kind that likes to be buried in a story without noting time pass. It’s a book that will leave you at the edge of your seat.Book 2, a continuation of the first story is already out, which means that your curiosity and thirst to learn more may be cured immediately.

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