Close Your Eyes by Thomas Fincham

Close Your Eyes is a private investigator mystery book, a fictitious story told by Thomas Fincham, one that leaves readers asking for more. It’s all about a serial killer who, after the murder, leaves dismembered bodies in trains. He does this deliberately for passengers to find them. He has continued to do this and he is hell-bent on continuing to kill to get his message across. A former investigator turned a criminal. He had spent a decade in prison for a murder, after coming out he tries to look for job but he was unlucky. The former detective at the New Port police department has become a criminal, his life was a mess and now he is leaving a great state of sadness.
He hoped to turn his life around and start a new leaf but this was not to be as life’s mysteries unfold. This is a private investigation mystery that will unravel everything before you, you’ll want to rush through the story and find out how the events are unfolding. You’ll want to read the whole book all in one sitting. It’s a mystery story that has been described as gritty, fast-paced and full of suspense, you are warned that you’ll not stop; you’ll read on until you reach the last page and as if that is not enough, you’ll wish to read Thomas’ next mystery.

The book starts with an awesome beginning, two mysteries end up converging at a point as two private investigators meet as they search for the same person. Rhodes is helping a father to find out who had killed his son, across the road is another man, Jo who was suffering from a heart condition but could not rest until he finds the killer. The two investigators cross each other’s paths leading to more interesting developments. It’s a mystery book that is well written to bring out the thrilling story clearly and in an interesting way. One cannot wait to get the next series and get to know what unfolds.
It’s an excellent and exciting mystery story; you’ll want to see more of Rhodes, as he tries to resolve a situation that has left many worried, not knowing where the serial killer will strike next. The writer brings a number of themes combined in an interesting story that no one reading would want to miss a single line of. It’s interesting how readers turn pages, one after the other, looking for thrills, and interesting lines and they are all there, waiting for you to unravel the mystery that is unfolding.
Thomas Fincham has done what no other writer has done by turning a fascinating story into a highly exciting piece. It’s heartwarming to learn there are more coming, designed in the same manner, bound to tell a mystery story that thrills and keeps the reader at the edge of their seat.

For those readers who do not put a mystery novel down once they have started , this book will serve them right, it is thrilling and short enough to be read all in one sitting. The two hundred and forty paged books will keep you awake as you read through the exciting pages.
Thomas Fincham is the new voice of the private investigation mystery fiction, he does it so well that one might think it’s real. It is a book that I recommend to all the readers who are looking for an interesting crime mystery story. You’ll want to read more of this writer as well as other stories which follow the same theme.

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