Class Dismissed by Mark Petry

This may be described as falling in the category of the medical thrillers; it’s a mystery book that tells the story of a psychology professor who has almost killed his entire class. Thirty-five students are dead and he is still trying to complete the mission of killing the remaining five students who survived the ordeal. Chase, a cop in Austin, is on fire to catch the killer. He has been trying to locate the professor assistant Bill, but it’s proving an exercise in futility. He seems to have disappeared and now it appears that he is assisting the professor in killing the remaining five. It’s a race against time, if Austin’s cop does not move fast; the professor may kill the remaining five. It’s not only Chase who will be surprised at how the story will end. If you want to find how the story goes, you’ll have to read it, it’s fun, and involves serious issues but they are not presented in a gory manner. It will be very addictive, I am sure you’ll read it to the last page as you look forward to discovering what is going on.
As you read, you might be tempted to flip through the pages and find out what’s happening but you shouldn’t do that as you might lose some bits making it hard to understand the story. This is if you really want to understand what exactly happened. It’s a book I would recommend to anyone who’s looking for a surprise ending, a story that will make you wonder how things work. It’s a thriller like no other, a mystery that requires solving by an expert, somebody who is really good at unraveling murders, especially when they involve such a huge number. You’ll appreciate the quips about Austin, the university and all the Texas references.
If you are somebody who likes soccer, you’ll be at home with this thriller; its reference to soccer makes it interesting, something that one can easily relate to. You may have trouble understanding what the professor was aiming to achieve and perhaps you’d like his character to be built further but at the end you’ll be surprised by the turn of events. If you’re a reader who doesn’t like sleeping until you have understood the story, this one will keep you awake all night but luckily you’ll not notice how time has passed. It’s a book that good readers can read in one sitting as you flip pages, curiosity having taken its toll and want to find out what happens next.
Mark Petry brings a new way of telling murder mysteries and has executed in a way that no one else has, it’s a thriller in its own class. You’ll see the action unfold, moving from the past and brought back to the present, this may be a bit confusing to some but at the end you’ll get the whole picture, everything will become clear as you fit the pieces together. The book has received good ratings and reviews on various platforms; this is a proof that readers have liked Mark Petry’sthrilling way of narrating a murder. There are some who have described the book as more of a sexual encounter, but one has to read and think deeper to get this theme clearly. This is a book which is recommended to any mystery writing enthusiasts; it’s a thriller which is far ahead of its time.

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