Mystery books enthusiasts will find genres of mystery and crime fiction. We have several sub-genres within the major categories of the mystery works. Some are widely known while others are upcoming authors. You’ll find in our lists interesting, thrilling and addicting mystery fictions.
Standard private eye
These are books written by people who have an eye toward solving mysterious crimes, they include authors such as Ross Macdonald, Robert Parker, and Sara Paretsky, among others. Here you’ll find mystery books that will keep you turning pages, eager to solve the mystery. Some are psychological where there is less action while others are full of thrilling action.
Cozy Mystery
These type of mystery books are romantic in nature, they feature some minimal violence, hot and steamy sexual episodes,and social relevance. You’ll find honorable and well-bred characters, the kind that find solutions through intuition and intellect rather than police involvement. Some of the authors include Agatha Christie, and Elizabeth Daly, among others.
The classic detectives
These are at times referred to as the traditional or old-fashioned detective stories, it was a mystery sub-genre that popular in the 1930s. It normally involves a mysterious death, a closed circle of people who are suspected of the murder, people who had motives and reasonable chances to engage in criminal activities. At the centre is a character who is a detective, using logical deduction, he presents facts and situations all aimed at solving the mystery. The same writers who give us cozy mysteries are the one who give us this sub-genre, the likes of Agatha Christie, and Doyle are heavily featured in this genre.
Police Procedurals
The genre was very popular in the 1940s, police procedures had evolved from detective fiction. There was an appreciation that police, in their attempt to unravel mysteries, were likely to make some errors. They were constrained by procedures, rules and regulations. The detectives in police procedurals play by the rules, they do the things that police are supposed to do to get the criminals.
The Hard-Boiled
Mathew Bruccoli described the hard-boiled genre as realistic fiction which has a number of characteristics, they include: objective viewpoints, violence, an impersonal tone, very tough characters, colloquial speech and a style which is easy to understand. Among the writers in this genre are John MacDonald, Pronzini and Sue Grafton.
This is a genre that promises to keep you turning the page as you sit at the edge of your seat, you’ll find yourself moving with the rhythm, repeating the words and even throwing your legs and hands as you react to the story. Thrillers contain structural components which include villains, people with heroic deeds, and threats to order, resolution and deduction. It’s a genre that will help you rest easy; time will fly so fast, they have an addiction which is not easy to fight. The likes of Patricia Ripley and Robert Ludlum are just a couple of the many authors to mention in this genre.
Legal Thrillers
A legal thriller is a type of a thriller where the main characters are lawyers. The law firms and the justice system as a whole form the major part of these genres. Some of the mystery books in this category include those authored by Robert Dugoni, and William Bernhardt among others. There are also medical thrillers, which revolve around the medical field, we have doctors, nurses and other medical workers as the main actors,and they mainly try to solve crimes or mysteries around the medical field. Medical stories, just like other thrillers are captivating, they’re also educative in nature, they may present a challenge to some, especially in understanding the medical terms but the authors try to explain the scenes in such a way that you’ll not only understand but also feel as if you are part of the characters.